Juana Clark CraigWho I Am

Hi. I’m Juana Clark Craig, a project management professional (PMP) with over 25 years of project management and project management office experience and the Principal for Practical Guidance LLC.

I’ve managed projects ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars and have helped organizations increase their project success rate from below 40% to over 95% in two years.

I’ve trained, mentored and coached anointed and accidental project managers who fell into their role, as well as those who wanted to learn about project management so they could do a better job of getting things done.

I’m passionate helping others achieve the outcomes I know that can be achieved by using project management lite.

But I’m also a very practical person and realize that most people don’t want or need heavy process or tools; they want just enough to get the job done – nothing more.

On a personal note, I’m a wife, mother, writer, avid PC-gamer (love Skyrim!) and photographer, with an eclectic taste in music and a love of action movies.

Why I Wrote Project Management Lite

I have taken, and even commissioned, project management classes that teach the topic using intensive, heavy project management concepts. In my experience, most people came out of those classes with their eyes glazed over, still not knowing what to do.

Countless new and experienced project managers told me that all they wanted was enough project management process and tools to get the job done. They wanted something simple and easy-to-use.

So I decided to write my own guide that would be just that…just enough.